HTC invests in AR company with superior micro-display technology by Scott A.

Veteran Augmented Reality company Lumus has announced $30 million in new funding by HTC and Quanta to help it push its display technology further into the market.

Lumus, which has been around since 2000, specializes in near-eye micro-display technology using wave guides which makes for much smaller and easier to wear augmented reality headsets, as seen in their concept above.

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Touch Surgery Details by Scott A.

It won’t be long until the mainstream media is raving about touch surgery in VR. This virtual training will help surgeons perform intricate surgical procedures without flaw. The technology has been spearheaded by a corporate partnership between Touch Surgery and DAQRI. Touch Surgery is revered as a trailblazer in the mobile surgical simulation field. DAQRI has established itself as a pioneer in augmented reality technology. The two companies are a match made in heaven.

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Object of the Moment: Smart Glasses by Daqri by Scott A.

Smart Glasses, which debuted at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, is Los Angeles–based tech company Daqri's latest addition to its line of augmented reality (AR) gear. Last year, the company released an update to its Smart Helmet, which allows construction workers to use 4D display and visual-inertial navigation to map out their surroundings, as well as pinpoint their own location through AR. Though the Smart Glasses employ similar technology to the helmet, they are suited more for less rugged environments, such as lean manufacturing floors and engineering, architecture, and construction offices, where efficiency is also a requirement.

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