Futuristic hardhat gives construction workers access to real-time information. / by TI

A high-tech hardhat aims to make life safer for construction workers and others who spend their nine to five in dangerous environments.

The Daqri Smart Helmet uses augmented reality technology and an array of cameras and sensors to give workers on sites a better visibility of the workplace around them and access to timely, hands-free, information. 

The helmet features a retractable, heads-up display visor where information is communicated at eye level. 

The device also connects with equipment onsite to more clearly display information such as a pressure gauge reading to the worker. 

Real-time visual instructions or clues about using certain equipment can be communicated on the display screen, such as an arrow symbol indicating the correct way to turn a valve.

The helmet is designed to pair up with smart watches and other devices, along with other helmet users on a site, for added benefits.

The helmet is also equipped with a hefty price tag, as it is expected to retail at several thousand dollars a piece. Yet its developers say it could be worth the expense in preventing quality issues.

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