5 Reasons Why 4D May Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Aging / by TI

Just when most of us are still wrapping our heads around Google Glass -- you know, basically wearing your cellphone on your face -- along comes more new technology to challenge our aging selves. This time though, we think mid-lifers might actually want to use a row of happy emojis over this new tech.

Here's the back story: 4D is augmented reality. Think of majorly ramped up 3D (you know, those glasses you wear in the movies that they tried to convince you to wear in your living room to watch 3D movies). Well, 4D goes further. It enriches physical objects with additional media when you view them through a smartphone or tablet camera.

While many companies are doing cool things with augmented reality, the technology is still in its very early stages and pops up primarily in advertising. Daqri, which has developed the free apps Anatomy4D and Elements4D, is trying to take the technology out of the "just for ads and gimmicks" space and give it stronger practical uses in manufacturing, medicine and education. That's all very good news for midlifers, especially those facing aging challenges.

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