Daqri's Smart Helmet / by TI

The photo above is not a still from the next Tron movie. It’s a hard hat equipped with Google Glass-like augmented reality features that a company called Daqri hopes construction firms and the industrial market will embrace.

Daqri calls it the Smart Helmet and says it was “designed with the industrial work place in mind.”

And while the device synonymous with augmented reality right now is Glass, Daqri’s Smart Helmet actually has far grander ambitions than Google’s device which mainly allows users to take photos videos and see notifications on a tiny screen.

The Smart Helmet on the other hand uses a combination of sensors and 360-degree cameras to get a true sense of a worker’s surroundings before displaying pertinent information based on the environment. More importantly, the data it presents actually fills the wearer’s vision through what Daqri calls a “4D display.”

The helmet has a sleekness akin to a cycling helmet with a sleek top protective layer transitioning to a transparent visor that covers just about half of the wearer’s face, offering much more protection than the standard hard hat. Beneath that visor, are two more transparent HD displays—one for each eye. The displays are always on and Daqri says they’re easily readable in both bright and low light scenarios.

What’s the result of all this hardware? Check out the video below.

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