Welcome to the 4th Dimension / by TI

4D technology is a thing of the present, and it’s being developed in your backyard.

DAQRI is the world’s leading augmented reality developer, and it’s based right here in Los Angeles. Bringing two-dimensional images to life is DAQRI’s specialty, allowing users to play with media in a new way. The company provides custom software and creative solutions to a variety of clients, innovating the way people consume information.

4D is a medium for communication and much of the work done by DAQRI spans boundaries between education, branding and industrial application. Most recently, DAQRI announced a new partnership with Crayola, working with them to launch the Color Alive! app where kids can bring their coloring and drawings to life. With the help of image and color recognition technology, they can interact with characters off the page and even take selfies with iconic figures like Barbie. The collaboration between the two aims to engage children’s creativity.

“Since we started creating in 4D, we have seen the impact this technology has on children, in particular the way it ignites their curiosity and imagination,” said Brian Mullins, founder and CEO of DAQRI, in a written statement. “By partnering with Crayola, one of the world’s most beloved brands, we are giving the next generation of creative geniuses a palette to express themselves in one of the most powerful mediums and we can’t wait to see what they think up.”

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