Hands-on with DAQRI’s New Industrial Augmented Reality Helmet / by TI

The DAQRI Smart Helmet is a prototype in the works by a Los Angeles-based company who is approaching augmented reality from an industrial standpoint rather than a commercial one. It features thermal imaging, head tracking, motion sensing, pattern recognition, and much more.
I tried out this unique AR headset at the 4D Expo hosted by DAQRI in downtown LA that lasted two days. The relatively small conference included presentations from various industry leaders along with panel discussions and even a fireside chat with LA’s CIO, Peter Marx. Among the demonstrations, the DAQRI’s AR Smart Helmet was by far one of the most exciting technologies that the company had to offer.
As DAQRI’s press brochure states, the AR Smart Helmet is looking to set “a new standard for industrial, professional-grade wearables.” The document goes on to describe how “a world class sensor package has been fused with an intuitive user experience, driven by native augmented reality software and DAQRI’s Intellitrack system for the most precise display and tracking possible, and providing users with unprecedented levels of information about the world around them.”

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