The Daqri smart helmet turns a workforce into Robocops / by TI

Wearable tech usually conjures images of fit joggers in compression pants, with mean-looking sunglasses or conspicuously pressing touchscreen watches. What, you’ve seen those folks too?
In reality, wearables stretch from the weird and ostensibly useless — Necomimi’s Brainwave cat ears leap to mind — to the inherently useful, innovative, and carefully designed, like the DAQRI Industrial Smart Helmet Helmet.
Why Daqri elected to call it a helmet confused this writer a bit — maybe it’s just because of this wearable’s shape. Intended for use on work sites, the Daqri replaces the traditional hard hat even though it looks like a Tron motorcyclist’s costume (which is pretty cool). Daqri pitches it as the first “human machine interface,” so maybe this is another one fit for Robocop.