Why Lots of Agencies and Brands Are Still Headed to SXSW / by TI

Could a conference that features panels ranging from “Cross-Channel Data Driven Marketing With TV” to “The Future of Doping and PEDs” really have a unifying theme? And do marketers really need to fly their teams and ad agency partners to Austin, Texas to take in keynote presentations on “AI, Immortality and the Future of Selves“?
In other words, is there more to South by Southwest Interactive for digital media executives than brisket and whiskey tastings? Absolutely, say this year’s attendees (despite the endless chatter that SXSW is over, or was so much better that year that Twitter TWTR +1.21% blew up, etc.). Agencies, brands, media companies, app developers and creative types all expect to extract huge value from the gathering, which begins on Friday and is expected to draw thousands.
For example, while some companies like Google and CNN have pulled back their presences this year, the digital agency 360i is sending 25 staffers, said chief executive Sarah Hoffstetter. Among the highlights that the agency has culled together for its clients are “Redefining Realness For Brands on Twitter” (Tuesday) and “What’s Next for Talking Cars?” (Saturday) as well as “The New TV Star: How to Build an Audience Online” (Tuesday).

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