The Daqri Smart Helmet: Augmented Reality to Fit Your Field's Needs / by TI

Virtual reality headsets are fun and all. They can immerse people into whole new worlds and unique situations. Virtual reality can even help improve productivity by immersing people within the applications that they are using; however, virtual reality is immobile. Since virtual reality involves blocking users off from the physical world in order to immerse them into the virtual world, it isn't really safe to use virtual reality headsets on the go. If anyone owns the Vive, a virtual reality headset that allows you to walk around your room in order to manipulate your character in the virtual world, you know that it is easy for you to unknowingly walk into an obstacle. This is where augmented reality and the Daqri Smart Helmet comes in.

Augmented reality projects information onto the user's glasses, and thus onto their vision. This allows for information that normally would be presented on screens. Thanks to the  Daqri Smart Helmet's integrated thermal camera, information such as the temperature of an area can be presented directly to the user through a heat map in which different temperatures would appear to be different colors. This application of augmented reality may seem like a very specific example, and that's because it has to be.

The applications of augmented reality are extremely broad, yet specific. While augmented reality can improve almost all fields, the way that augmented reality improves different fields varies greatly, and no one knows your field like you do. Daqri works with its customers to deliver specialized software to meet your needs in your field. 

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