An Interview With Dana Morgan, Chief of Staff of DAQRI / by TI

At a time when many are focused on consumer virtual reality headsets, DAQRI offers a headset built solely for helping workers perform better. Packed with sensors and cameras, the futuristic hard hat acts as an augmented reality display, giving workers a layer of information on top of what they already see. The DAQRI smart helmet makes a factory worker seem almost superhuman.

What is DAQRI? What inspired its creation?

DAQRI is an augmented reality company that is currently focusing on software and hardware solutions for the Enterprise. Our founder, Brian Mullins, was first inspired to create company from his experience in the Navy working on simulation drills for ships. Even a couple decades ago, the desire to utilize digital information to make better real-time decisions existed, and DAQRI has worked to enable this type of technology.

What kind of person will succeed at DAQRI / in the AR and tech space?

To  me, Augmented Reality is like the new internet– we have no idea all that it can do or what it will be, and it is up to everyone who chooses to work with this new medium to help shape it. AR is unlike anything else that has ever been created, so every step forward is an uncharted one. People who embrace the unknown and like a challenge will thrive in this new space and at DAQRI.


What was your first product like? Is it the same or different compared to your most recent?

Despite the fact that Brian was first inspired by an industrial use case, many of our first products were targeted toward consumers and used for marketing purposes. We also embarked on supporting some of the most well-known print companies as they created ‘interactive print’ experiences, allowing some of your favorite magazines to have 4D content when scanned with the right App. It feels light years away from where we are now. Technology moves so quickly, and we are so excited to have finally reach a point in time where computational power and physics have allowed us to create some of the wearable’s and applications we had been envisioning.

What is DAQRI’s new Smart Helmet?

DAQRI Smart Helmet is a wearable device for Augmented Reality. We are targeting a specific type of industrial worker who would normally be working in a very specific environment, such as in the oil and gas industry. Not only is this device created to keep the worker safe, it is designed to provide even more contextual information to the worker to help complete their job in less time, with less errors, and less risk to their personal safety. The helmet is equipped with an array of cameras and sensors that can provide contextual data, a heat map, environmental hazards, and otherwise guide a worker step-by-step through a task.

What will you do if your progress is slower than anticipated?


word slow is something that does not come to mind with emerging technology like this. Many computational and vision science problems are being worked on by many other companies in AR and VR as well. That’s exactly what we need– this is a new medium with a numerous opportunities. Can you imagine 30 years ago someone telling you that they are a blogger or digital graphic designer? Those professions didn’t exist. We don’t know what we don’t know, and the only way we can push this forward is together. It’s not about the progress of our company, it’s about the forward momentum of humanity.


What drives this company?

DAQRI is driven by the fundamental belief that human beings have the potential to do and be more. We believe the AR can unlock this potential. At DAQRI we want to redefine what is humanly possible.

What are the key company milestones?

Currently DAQRI is focused on enabling the future of work but our vision is to bring AR Everywhere. This means a world where the information you need is right there, when you need it. The information can help you learn and do more by having it in context and guiding you through the day. This can also serve you on the road in your car by helping keep you, and those around you safe. Eventually, AR will be in your home providing communication, entertainment and assistance in your everyday life. It will take a lot of work, but DAQRI has the technology to get us there.