Wearables: Mass Adoption in Construction / by TI

Most construction companies have heard that wearables will impact the construction industry. From DAQRI’s Smart Helmet to the Microsoft HoloLens, the benefits are being discussed widely today. However, when will use of wearables reach mass adoption on the job site?

The stage has been set. Providers such as Topcon Positioning Systems and DAQRI have partnered, while Microsoft and Trimble have done the same. The tech companies serving construction recognize wearables have the potential to disrupt the construction industry. However, adoption is still in the early stages.

One analyst firm is now taking a closer look at the market and identifying when wearables will reach critical-mass adoption—especially for the enterprise.

Forrester addresses consumers’ adoption of wearables in a new study, and then identifies the impact on businesses such as those in the construction industry. First, the analyst firm says consumer adoption will reach 29 percent in 2021, up from 18 percent last year. The most common use will be for health or wellness.

However, the analyst firm also says overall wearables sales will grow from $4.2 billion in 2015 to $9.8 billion in 2021. This is due to both device volume and a larger mix of more expensive devices.

Looking at the enterprise side of the equation, Forrester says some digital businesses have wearables strategies today, but most have a focus on piloting apps in order to learn. This is what is happening in construction today, with many firms still trialing how devices such as DAQRI’s Smart Helmet and Micosoft's HoloLens can benefit the job site.

Forrester also says more than a third of businesses do not have a wearables strategy today and do not plan on implementing one in the future.Rather, only 11 percent currently follow a wearables strategy today.

Perhaps there is an opportunity for the construction industry to grow in this area in the future, although it appears to still be in the early adopter phase for now.

Posted: 9/9/2016 1:12:40 PM

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