Daqri has presented augmented reality smart glasses for professionals / by TI

At CES 2016 american company Daqri has presented a big futuristic augmented reality headgear Smart Helmet. This is a device for industrial use, which doesn’t only help the user with information, but protects him or her as a regular helmet. But compactness can also be an advantage, especially when there’s no threat to health.

Daqri’s new device called Smart Glasses got the status of glasses, becuase looks more like HoloLens and also ODG and Epson. It is used for exhanging experience between remote employees, instructing with augmented reality inside and outside. For the $5000 price Smart Glasses offer 44 degree FOV and use USB-C to connect to a PC with Windows or Linux. Computer module goes with the device with 4D Studio Suite, DAQRI Unity Extension and API DAQRI in C++ software installed. The device is not supported by Windows Holographic, and it’s updates are promised by the company to be delivered wirelessly.

You can reserve your Smart Glasses right now on the manufacturer’s site. And before that we offer you to take a look at the devices that were presented at CES in January: