British Company Envisics Is Bringing Augmented Reality to Your Windshield

After 10 years, Envisics says it has cracked the code on head-up holography.

The future of the auto industry, it seems, rides on electric motors and self-driving sensors. But the windshields could prove to be just as impressive.

Envisics, a 10-year-old British company, is quietly turning the heads up display into a wonderland of holographs, a three-dimensional projected image a la “Help me Obi Wan” or a posthumous Tupac performance at Coachella. Instead of a simple speedometer and some crude navigation arrows, Envisics promises a layer of augmented reality stretching from the hood to the horizon. At first, it will tell a driver more clearly where to go; once the self-driving robots take over, it may offer Pokemon-style games or your Instagram feed. Zoom calls are impressive; wait until you take one at the wheel and you’re talking to a hologram.

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