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We form long-term partnerships with companies tackling big problems in big industries… from healthcare to fintech to mobility. In addition to capital, we invest time, talent, and experience to ensure every entrepreneur and company can continue to transform the world in their own, unique way.

Tarsadia Investments is the private investment management vehicle of Tarsadia, which focuses on venture and growth equity, life sciences, and real estate.

Tarsadia Capital has a flexible and long-duration investment mandate that focuses on public and private equities and commodities globally. Our investment process employs deep fundamental research on secular inflections to identify and build conviction around asymmetric risk/reward opportunities that will play out over multi-year time horizons.

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Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: AMRX) is a developer and manufacturer of generic and specialty pharmaceutical products. Co-founded by Chirag and Chintu Patel, its generics portfolio offers patients more affordable access to quality medicines. Its growing specialty pharma business delivers products that meet medical needs in central nervous system disorders, parasitic infections, and other therapeutic categories.

Asana Biosciences

Asana BioSciences, LLC is a research and development company specializing in the discovery and development of new chemical and biological entities. Founded in 2014 and led by Dr. Sandeep Gupta, Asana’s mission is to develop novel and clinically differentiated products that address unmet clinical needs and provide new treatment options to physicians and patients. It works in a variety of therapeutic areas, including oncology, pain, and inflammation.


AvantStay is the premier brand in short-term vacation rental experiences. The company manages vacation rental properties and offers a tech-enabled platform suite for each member of the ecosystem to view and/or manage bookings. AvantStay’s properties can be booked via Marriott Bonvoy, Airbnb, VRBO, and over 50 other online travel agencies.


bolttech is an insurance infrastructure platform that connects carriers, brokers, and tech platforms to enable the digital distribution of insurance policies. The company’s technology serves as the connective piping that allows distributing insurance providers to quote and bind products underwritten by other carriers seamlessly. bolttech also offers mobile device protection and digital insurance products around the globe.


Brightvine is a digital securities and fund investment platform using Web3 technologies to bridge the gap between traditional financial institutions and the growing class of digital investors. The company’s initial focus is the mortgage issuance and securitization ecosystem.


India’s largest ed-tech company, BYJU’s offers personalized learning programs for students. BYJU’S The Learning App brings together teachers, technology, content, and media to offer a seamless experience for every kind of learner. With 50 million registered students, 100+ million downloads, and 3.5 million paid subscriptions, BYJU’S is one of the most popular education platforms across the globe.

Chronus Health

Chronus Health is developing a portable point-of-care diagnostics platform that leverages a novel electrical detection approach powered by system engineering & microfluidics, cutting-edge semiconductor technology, and intelligent software to produce results for the most common blood tests in minutes with a small blood sample.


The largest online secured credit platform in Brazil, Creditas aims to offer fairer interest rates for people in need of credit. The digital platform has delivered more than 5 million loan requests and saved Brazilians more than R$800 million to date.

Cue Health

Cue is transforming health by making diagnostic testing available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. With 700+ employees and 100+ patents, its groundbreaking work includes the Cue Health Monitoring System, a portable testing platform that delivers reliable results in approximately 20 minutes for a range of conditions, including Covid-19. We invested in 2018.


Envisics is an innovative automotive technology company with a focus on heads-up displays (HUD) and solid-state LiDAR solutions. Led by Dr. Jamie Christmas, the company leverages its holographic technology platform to deliver best-in-class products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) globally.


Erasca is a clinical-stage precision oncology company driven by a bold mission—to erase cancer. We are on a journey to shut down one of cancer’s most commonly mutated signaling cascades, the RAS/MAPK pathway, which affects approximately 5.5 million lives each year worldwide. Our promising pipeline targets the RAS/MAPK pathway at virtually every turn, endowing us with the potential to make a transformative difference in the treatment and lives of people suffering from a wide range of devastating cancers—bringing hope, where there was little, that the future can be brighter and cancer free.


Fathom leverages deep learning to automate medical coding. The company’s AI/ML-driven platform can fully code charts, allowing health systems and revenue cycle management (RCM) providers to improve accuracy, reduce expense, scale operations, and accelerate patient reimbursement. We invested in 2019.


Igneo’s revolutionary technology transforms raw low-grade e-waste into sustainable, high-quality metal concentrates. The company’s closed-loop model, which partners with OEMs and smelters, creates a greener, cleaner and more efficient process. Having proven Igneo’s technology in Europe, the company is now expanding globally, starting in the USA.


Jüsto is a vertically integrated grocery eCommerce platform based in Mexico City.

Kashiv Biosciences

Kashiv Biosciences is a premier, fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company developing advanced-stage biosimilars and specialty products for strategic partners, physicians, and patients worldwide.


Kirilys is a multi-asset, clinical-stage precision oncology company focused on improving the lives of patients with cancer through the development and improvement of therapeutic treatments. The company’s pipeline includes KRLS-004, an anti-5T4 antibody-drug conjugate, and KRLS-017, a reversible small molecule inhibitor of Cyclin Dependent Kinase 7 (CDK7).


Konfio is a digital banking and software provider serving SMB merchants in Mexico.


LERETA is a leading outsourced mortgage service provider and the second-largest independent national real estate tax service provider in the United States. It provides tax services for residential and commercial loans, including automated online research and certification, tax bill processing, delinquent tax services, and customized tax outsourcing service programs.


Loft is an online real estate marketplace for buying and selling apartments.


Matterworks is building a platform to automate and standardize the generation and analysis of omics data, starting with metabolomics. The company’s platform enables users of mass spectrometry instruments to analyze samples more easily, thereby achieving faster performance and covering a significantly broader range of analytes per run.

Metallica Commodities Corp.

MCC is focused on metals and minerals trading, mineral asset development, and the mining and sale of aggregates and dimension stone. The company, which trades both non-ferrous and ferrous metal-containing materials, ran the first industrial facility exclusively dedicated to printed circuit board recycling.


Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Nubank is a start-up that develops simple, secure, digital solutions to help people take more control over their money. Focused on offering a more transparent bank, its products include a digital account, life insurance, a credit card, a rewards program, loans, and a business account.


Nvoicepay is a financial technology company specializing in intelligent payment automation. Its software automates payments for accounts payable teams, transforming a traditionally expensive and disjointed process into an efficient, unified workflow. Its vision is to lead enterprises into a paperless world where every supplier, regardless of size or location, is securely paid electronically. We invested in 2016.

Overseas Leisure Group

Overseas Leisure Group works with travel agents worldwide to design one-of-a-kind experiences that are tailor-made to clients’ interests, travel styles, and budgets. Since 2000, it’s specialized in the Americas to unearth original experiences, never building the same itinerary twice.


Pagos is a payments data intelligence company that enables enterprises to optimize payments performance (e.g., higher authorization rates, lower chargebacks, etc.). The platform enables out-of-the box tracking, analytics, and monitoring of payment data across markets, channels, and payment vendors. Pagos deploys through a no-code SaaS platform and also offers execution tools to improve performance including tokenization, account updater and BIN data & insights. 


Petal has developed an innovative credit card product to serve those who do not have access to a credit score. The company employs a cashflow underwriting model to score consumers and delivers a clean UI / UX to assist consumers in managing their credit along with their purchases. The company also runs Prism, which offers Petal’s algorithms as a service to help other financial companies (B2B) in their underwriting.


Phil is a software-driven specialty pharmacy network that connects pharmaceutical manufacturers, providers, independent pharmacies, and patients. The company’s affordable market access platform promotes transparency and efficiency to deliver better outcomes for patients, prescribers, manufacturers, and all other stakeholders. We invested in 2018.

Prolong Pharmaceuticals

Prolong Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on identifying, developing, and commercializing differentiated products that address unmet medical needs. The company is currently developing a portfolio of products in stroke, hematology, and oncology. Its lead asset, PP-007 (SANGUINATE™), addresses disorders involving ischemia, hypoxia, and/or hemolysis.


TrueMotion provides the leading mobile telematics platform for insurers. The Company develops machine-learning software that leverages smartphone sensor data to generate driving behavior insights for auto insurers. TrueMotion helps power next-generation pricing, underwriting, claims, safety, and retention programs for its clients. In 2021, TrueMotion was acquired by Cambridge Mobile Telematics.


YieldStreet is an online platform offering users access to alternative investments. The company democratizes access to investments in art, real estate, structured notes, and other alternative asset classes previously reserved only for institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

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